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The Gray Man

Corrupt Federal Courts

When you are sued in America, you are held responsible for every law that has ever been written in any book. It is all based on legal precedence. Most people need a lawyer to navigate the alleyways of the legal jargon and machinations that entangle the court system. We still live in the shadow of Roman legalism that has basically handed our lives over to endless litigation and to people that want to charge us vast sums of money for what we think is bringing justice, but in fact is feeding the most corrupt system you can imagine. The more you investigate, the more corrupt the justice system appears to be.

Why do we have Federal Courts where we know, before going in to them, what the outcome is predetermined to be? In most instances, a court case is taken out of their “hometown” legal jurisdiction supposedly because the defendant would get unfair treatment by a jury of his peers and the case will have a more unbiased and impartial outcome if presided over by a Federal Judge. But what instead has happened is that the case has been taken out of the local “lion's den” and thrown into the Federal “snake pit”.

The Federal Judges may use their legal knowledge to preside over the court proceedings, but their decisions are swayed and tainted by who is supporting them and, in many cases, they have been corrupted by long associations with their ongoing benefactors. So the original goal of impartiality has now been dissolved in the cesspool of backroom deals and federal prejudice and predisposition. And the rich get richer. In general, the little guy doesn't stand a chance against this avalanche of paperwork and billable hours, and in many cases, is unable to even find a lawyer who, even though they may take that substantial retainer, is really unwilling to take on this mammoth Federal court system. When a case is tossed into the Federal courts, it is done mostly to overwhelm and smother the defendant with legal fees and legal technicalities and ultimately to ensure a specific federal bias and outcome.

By Federal law, Federal Judges are not required to be attorneys yet most are lawyers that have been appointed. Most of them are biased and their opinions controlled by large corporate directives. It is an old-boy network. These Federal Judges who have graduated to the higher courts have been exposed to the back room deals through the law firms they came from. The judges intentionally make both sides completely unhappy and, in turn, the lawyers then get paid more money. Remember the term “billable hours”. When both sides are unhappy, it keeps litigation ongoing and feeds the system. We have very little justice left in our justice system. The system feeds the system.

That all said, the foolish notion to take on the federal court system without a lawyer, can be said to be just that, foolish. Yet, what is that old saying about desperate times call for desperate measures? Or Hail Mary passes in closing seconds of a tied championship game? Or, the thought, if you are going to go down, you may as well go down fighting on your own terms. Hence, the allowance of defending yourself in a court of law known as going “Pro Per”.

All judges strongly advise against this for a variety of reasons including supposed guardianship of a defendant's rights. In this case, Haines determined who better to take on the Federal government than the brilliant little boy from small town Michigan who had grown to be the tough man who had survived Vietnam and who had used his own brain and determination to persevere repeatedly against all odds to accomplish the impossible. Haines had the technical expertise in his chosen field to fight with his own knowledge against the big boys and all their posturing and misconceptions. He knew his ability and believed in himself, even though on the outside he heard those same old warnings of, “You can't do that”, “You shouldn't do that”, or “ I wouldn't do that”. When the chips were down, he believed in himself and his fierce determination for honesty and justice and knew, “Who better to face and slay the dragons?” And, so it was. Haines faced his first huge Federal court case and informed the court that he was going Pro Per.